Welcome to the Math Faculty Student Web Server

This student web server was made possible in part by a grant made from the Math Endowment fund.

The Math student computing environment comprises:

For details including machine specifications, see the "Math Faculty Teaching Environment" section at the Supported Hosts page or the listing of servers on the undergraduate support page of the MFCF web site.

Lab Safety

The UW Safety Office publishes information about lab safety that students should read.


June 2013: OpenOffice is now working properly on the Linux servers.

September 2012: Solaris CPU servers and front-end login hosts are being removed from the Math undergrad environment.

October 2011: A new central file server for the Math and CS undergraduate environments was deployed in late October. This new model provides a huge increase in disk space, I/O, and CPU capacity. Students now have a much larger disk quota and can carry files over from one term to the next without having to delete them as their course requirements fluctuate.

April 2011: Student email service is moving from mail.student.math to IST's mailservices on Tuesday April 26 starting at 10:00 a.m. Please read the details about this on the MFCF announcements page.

June 2010: Password management has changed. (The original announcement about this was posted in March 2010 on the main MFCF web site in the Announcements section and Undergraduate Support section.) The Unix machines now accept your WatIAM (Quest) password in addition to your Unix password. The reason for this is that most new students already have a WatIAM password, so they won't have to line up to get a Unix password, and won't have to keep track of multiple passwords.

If you log in to the Unix machines with your WatIAM password instead of your Unix password, your Unix password will automatically be reset to your WatIAM password. If you prefer to keep them different, you can change your UNIX password, and it will not propagate to WatIAM.

Nexus (Windows) and WatIAM do not interact at all.

June 2010: A Linux server is now available. It's called fe03.student.math. It runs CentOS 5 (a RedHat equivalent) with the Gnome window environment. You may use it as both a front-end login host and as a CPU server. Its CPU server alias is cpu03.student.math. It has more recent versions of some applications than we can offer on Solaris, e.g. Matlab 2010a. As an x86 machine, it is not binary compatible with the older Sun SPARC machines running Solaris. If you write your own software, you'll have to compile your programs separately on each platform. This machine was funded in part by MEF.

November 2009: All newly created accounts will automatically get .forward files that forward your mail to, if you have WatIAM e-mail entries. If your WatIAM entry happens to forward mail to you @student.math that will not create a mail loop; the mail delivery software knows about this situation and will correctly deliver it on student.math. However, if your WatIAM entry forwards to some other location which forwards to @student.math, that will create a loop.

We recommend that you not remove these .forward files. In fact you shouldn't even change these files, but should make any forwarding changes to your WatIAM accounts instead.

Last Modified:  Thursday 6 June 2013
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